HR – but not as you know it.

It’s about people and performance;

Not policies and processes.

The Team

What We Do

Hiring and developing employees in scaling teams. We work with you to build an HR function that delivers inspiring candidate and employee experiences – not out-of-the-box processes.

Why We Do It

HR has lost its way a bit. Truth is, people make businesses. And processes should enable organisations – not restrict them. When startups grasp this early on, they attract amazing people who stick around for longer.

Our Values

Honesty – We’re straight with founders about what their business needs.

Simplicity – HR doesn't need to be policy or process heavy.

People first – Successful business starts with great candidate and employee experiences.

"Working with BetaHR was such an enjoyable experience. They were incredibly self sufficient and got up to speed on our recruitment process after a short 10 min call. It took so much pressure off of me and enabled us to move very quickly! I'll be using them again (if they'll have me)."

Billie Quinlan, Co-Founder and CEO of Ferly

“BetaHR have been amazing in not only helping us find and hire good candidates, but also providing us with HR advice across the board when we need it. As a first time founder, it's been invaluable having BetaHR help us to build our team.”

Annie Coleridge, CEO at Alva

"There were significant People and Culture issues to be addressed and we needed to pivot to being a true technology company but I wasn’t sure how.

BetaHR was invaluable both in identifying and implementing the changes we needed to make and in bringing in outstanding new hires.

I have no hesitation in recommending BetaHR to anyone looking to transform their business for the better."

Richard McBride, Founder and CEO of Certino